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20 plus years of Engraving Experience and getting better everyday!

The term Master Engraver is a status awarded by The Firearms Engravers Guild. I have not passed the requirements through testing to achieve it yet. I am a working member of the guild and working towards that goal of "Master" everyday...

TimHalloran_engraverI am a retired Machinist of 32 years, now pursuing Engraving as a Full Time Occupation. Up until I participated In The Grand Masters In 2005, I was Self Taught. My Work Has Been Seen In Blade Magazine, Aug 09 and June 10, Super Cycle Magazine in 1992 and in the Book, Harley Davidson- The Ultimate Machine, Authored by Tod Rafferty, Published by , Courage Books 1994.

I have a growing professional clientelle and a can offer references on request.

My Recent Professional Accomplishments are:
  1. Attended Three of the Six Grand Masters Series Classes offered by GRS Corporation, of Emporia Kansas.
  2. I Have Studied, Multiple Metal Inlay Techniques, and Shading Techniques, with Ron Smith From Fort Worth Texas.
  3. Tools and Techniques Of Exhibition Quality Engraving, with Winston Churchill From Proctorsville Vermont, First Grand Masters Series, 2005.
  4. Studied Metal Sculpting Techniques with Phillip Griffne From Lie'ge, Belgium.
  5. Line Engraving, Similiar to Banknote Engraving, As used in our own curency. This was with Alain Lovenberg of Durby, Belgium. Fourth Grand Masters Series, 2008.
  6. Studied, Fantasy Art Engraving, With Giacomo Fausti, Giovanni Steduto, Ugo Talenti, From The Creative Art Studio , Brescia, Italy. Sixth Grand Masters Series, 2010.
To be considered for an engraving project and to be put on our list, please email us with all the details about your project along with contact info to discuss your project in full detail.

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